candysweett (candysweett) wrote,

Tradelist updated 26/08/2010

Hi! if you're interested in trading with me, then do take a look at the things i'm interested in to give you an idea of what type of items i'd like :D

Trade List
of course, it doesn't really have to be something from my tradelist. these are just to give you some ideas on what i'm interested in^^
i'm really interested in art books(illustration books) nowadays! especially those with really nice art!

Kawaii stationery
i'm not really into collecting kawaii stationery anymore but there are still some items which i might still be interested in so don't hesitate to ask^^

i would probably trade for doujinshis from these series:
Hetalia (esp. spainxromano, hongkongxanyone)
Katekyo Hitman Reborn(mukuroxanyone)
D gray man
+ some others that has good art! generally, i'm looking for doujinshi with good art so it doesn't have to be the pairings/series i've listed.

Anime merchandise
for this, i'm pretty picky. i'd only trade for nendoroids since that is something which i'm collecting at the moment. however, if you have other anime merchandise, feel free to show me as i may be interested as well!

thanks for looking!

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